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office of Balance Hair Restoration in Ann Arbor, MI
office of Balance Hair Restoration in Ann Arbor, MI

Why Us

Why Choose Us: Hair Restoration in Ann Arbor, Mi

Your grandfather was bald, but you don’t have to be. When hair loss strikes, come to Balance Hair Restoration and get your hairline and youthful appearance back. 

Balance Hair Restoration is the leading hair restoration center in Michigan. Why are we the best? With advanced hair restoration techniques and a double board-certified plastic surgeon, Balance Hair Restoration has a reputation for creating some of the most natural-looking results in the state. Discover why men and women from across Michigan choose us for hair transplantation. 

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A Hair Loss Doctor Who Understands

If you haven’t experienced hair loss, it’s hard to understand the frustration and devastation this issue can cause. Dr. Malhotra started losing his hair in high school. Conversations about Rogaine in college were common. He remembers desperately trying to avoid the bald, shiny head his grandfather was known for. He had personally tried almost all options. At one point, he was even using mustard oil (if you’re curious, it didn’t work well and it smelled terrible). 

When medications and alternative treatments didn’t work, Dr. Malhotra realized hair transplantation was the best option for his hair loss. The decision was life-changing. Dr. Malhotra had his first hair transplant in his 20s and looked 10 years younger. Since then, he’s had two additional procedures over the last 20 years. Dr. Malhotra never thought he would still be enjoying a full and youthful hairline in his 50s. He suggests to his patients that, for men, in particular, a younger hairline is the simplest way to look younger overall.

Dr. Malhotra’s experiences have given him a firsthand understanding of hair loss and the life-changing benefits of hair restoration. As a result, he is uniquely prepared to guide patients through the hair restoration process as a double board-certified plastic and hair restoration specialist and a patient 80% Graft Growth Pledge.

Most hair transplantation practices don’t promise their results. At Balance Hair Restoration, we believe the financial investment must yield results. Promises aren’t the norm surgical procedures, but we like to do things differently. We are so confident in our results that we pledge that patients will experience growth from at least 80% of their grafts. With our assurance, patients can feel confident that they will get results from their investment in hair transplantation. 

Dr. Pramit Malhotra

Double Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon

In theory, many doctors can provide hair transplantations, but not every doctor should. Those natural-looking results you seek will come from a surgeon who knows how to optimize grafts and create a natural-looking hairline. Hair transplantation is artistry combined with meticulous attention to detail since the same process will be repeated over and over for thousands of individual grafts. The procedure can be viewed as thousands of mini procedures combined. Dr. Malhotra’s practice frequently places 6000-7000 grafts every week.

Hair Loss Solutions
Tailored To You

Balance Hair Restoration is the leading hair restoration center in Michigan. With advanced hair restoration techniques and a double board-certified plastic surgeon, Balance Hair Restoration has a reputation for creating some of the most natural-looking results in the state. Discover why men and women from across Michigan choose us for hair transplantation by scheduling a consultation.

More Than 10,000 Happy Patients

We’ve treated more than 10,000 patients in our practice as a whole including other surgical procedures. That’s a lot. To visualize it, imagine the seating capacity of Duke University’s Cameron Basketball Stadium, filled with happy patients (and full heads of hair but without coach K).  This means we know how to create happy patients.

Years of Experience

Experience matters. Your hair transplantation team’s skill and experience can be the difference between natural-looking results that age naturally and overdone, artificial-looking hair restoration. 

With more than 50 years of combined hair restoration experience, Dr. Pramit Malhotra and his team bring patients a wealth of experience and skill. Our lead hair transplant technician has been involved with hair restoration for over 30 years! As you head into surgery, you can feel confident that you’re in good hands with a smart, capable surgeon who knows how to create natural-looking outcomes, plus one of the best hair restoration teams, hand-selected by Dr. Malhotra. 

In-Person Consultations With Your Physician

At many hair restoration practices, consultations are only available from a surgical technician, not a plastic surgeon. As a hair transplant patient himself, Dr. Malhotra understands the value of developing a strong relationship between patient and surgeon. That’s why he personally performs all consultations. As part of the consultation, Dr. Malhotra likes to create a master plan for each patient’s hair. The aging process continues after hair restoration. Dr. Malhotra’s plan focuses on creating stunning results now that will last into the future. He plans for future potential hair loss and outlines steps for maintaining your hairline as aging occurs. 

Hair Transplant Technology

Technology isn’t a substitute for skill and experience, but cutting-edge tools can improve your hair restoration experience and enhance your results. 

Our team hand-selects each piece of technology we offer, carefully vetting it for safety and effectiveness. Our goal is to enhance our patients’ outcomes by choosing tested tools that reduce swelling, improve results, and enhance the patient experience. 

Some of the advanced tools available at Balance Hair Restoration include:

Trivellini device

Can be used to fine tune the different modes according to your follicular unit length and toughness of your skin

Trumpet punch

Minimizes the amount of skin that is removed around your grafts while minimizing trauma to graft. This means much quicker healing.

Sapphire blade

Gem stone hardened super sharp blade that makes the cleanest incisions for your graft

Abbasi solution

A solution that minimizes swelling in your scalp and around your eyes

BLT numbing cream

Top secret!!

Vibration nerve gate theory

Zeiss scope with Superman magnification


An expensive holding solution that baby sits your graft with nourishment while outside of your body

You Deserve Great Hair!

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When you’re ready for a real-world solution that will restore your hairline, call Balance Hair Restoration and schedule a consultation with Dr. Malhotra, Michigan’s hair restoration expert

With advanced hair transplantation procedures available, Balance Hair Restoration has the answers you need to stop hair loss and restore a youthful hairline. 

Let’s talk! Come meet with our double board-certified plastic surgeon and highly experienced hair restoration team to find the best solutions for your hair loss. Schedule your consultation by calling (734) 913-5100 or contacting us online

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