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office of Balance Hair Restoration in Ann Arbor, MI
office of Balance Hair Restoration in Ann Arbor, MI

Our Technology

Our Technology at Balance Hair Restoration

Hair restoration has come a long way since the days of long scars and hair plugs. Walk down any street in Michigan, and you’ll probably see powerful hair restoration technology at work without realizing it. What do we mean? Whenever you notice someone with a full, healthy head of hair, you may be looking at one of our patients. Our results appear so natural that most of the time, people never guess they are due to an expertly performed hair transplant. 

Our results come from two things: our experience and our technology. 

Balance Hair Restoration has one of the best hair transplant teams in Michigan. Our leader, Dr. Pramit Malhotra, is a double board-certified plastic surgeon and hair restoration patient. Dr. Malhotra handpicked his team, which features hair restoration experts from around the country, including Beverly Hills. With more than 50 years of combined experience, the staff at Balance Hair Restoration knows how to leverage leading hair restoration technology to create natural-looking, long-lasting results during every hair transplant we perform.

You’ve met our team, now discover our hair restoration technology.

What Technology Do We Use for Hair Restoration in Ann Arbor?

Balance Hair Restoration uses cutting-edge tech to create natural-looking hair transplants. These tools are essential to creating our exceptional results. Our advanced hair restoration technology includes the following:

Trivellini makes some of the best FUE hair restoration devices in the world. This advanced system combines state-of-the-art technology with innovative tools to precisely remove and implant hair follicles, featuring adjustable settings for each unique patient. The Trivellini device reduces trauma to hair grafts and allows for advanced hair restoration methods like the hidden donor technique.

Minimizing damage to transplant follicles is essential for achieving the best hair restoration results. The trumpet punch has a unique design with one sharp edge and one dull edge to precisely extract follicles while minimizing damage.

Sapphire blades are more effective than steel blades for hair transplantation. These ultra-sharp blades create smaller incisions that allow for increased precision while reducing downtime after hair restoration surgery. 

Hypothermasol is an innovative medium used in hair restoration. We use this solution between the extraction and implantation processes to maintain the viability of grafts.

Abbassi solution can help you feel better and get back to life faster after hair restoration. One study found that 97% of hair restoration patients that received Abbassi’s solution had no swelling post-treatment. Top hair restoration doctors worldwide use this solution to help patients feel better after surgery. 

Patient comfort and safety are our priorities, and BLT numbing cream lets us perform hair restoration with less pain. This advanced numbing cream combines three advanced topical anesthetics (benzocaine, lidocaine, and tetracaine) for a more tolerable procedure. 

During your hair restoration, we infuse the tissues in the treatment area with tumescent anesthesia. This additional fluid protects the hair follicles and their blood supply during the harvesting process.

We use a powerful Zeiss scope during hair restoration procedures that allows us to see each hair follicle clearly. The Zeiss scope is so powerful that many people call it Superman magnification. 

To reduce trauma during extraction, we remove the follicles using gentle suction.

before and after female hair restoration front view
Before and after FUE Hair Transplant top view

Hair Loss Solutions
Tailored To You

Balance Hair Restoration is the leading hair restoration center in Michigan. With advanced hair restoration techniques and a double board-certified plastic surgeon, Balance Hair Restoration has a reputation for creating some of the most natural-looking results in the state. Discover why men and women from across Michigan choose us for hair transplantation by scheduling a consultation.

We Refresh Our Technology Frequently to Stay Up to Date

Medical hair transplant technology is always improving. At Balance Hair Restoration, we’ve committed to staying on top of those changes and integrating new technologies into our practice as they become available. 

We update our technology every 16 to 18 months to ensure we always have access to the latest, most effective treatments. 

Why a Dedicated Hair Restoration Facility Matters

We thoughtfully considered every facet of the hair transplant process and chosen every tool we use to create your best outcomes. For us, hair restoration isn’t an afterthought. It is the reason we’re here – to deliver exceptional results for you.

We’ve designed every aspect of our practice specifically for hair restoration, and you’ll see a difference in amenities like these:

Our specialized powered chairs keep you comfortable and in the right position throughout your procedure, whether we are extracting grafts or placing them. 

We have specialized lighting that ensures our team can visualize each hair, optimizing graft extraction and placement to create a natural-looking hairline. 

Our temperature-controlled facility optimizes the hair restoration process to ensure ideal results. 

Healthy grafts survive and thrive. From the moment we extract the grafts, we store them in temperature-controlled solutions to keep them fresh until the moment of transplant. 

We use advanced tools to increase our visualization and create our artistic hairline design. 

The right light is essential in creating our advanced hair restoration results. 

You Deserve Great Hair!

Does Our Technology Work? Our Graft Growth Pledge

We are so confident in our technology and techniques that we promise your treatment will succeed. Balance Hair Restoration offers a graft growth pledge – that 80% of your grafts will grow. 

So many factors can influence your hair restoration’s outcome, which is why many practices do not offer guarantees. But we are sure of our advanced technology and experienced team. We know our technology can create consistent and reliable results, even in challenging hair restorations. 

Your hair restoration investment will yield results – we promise. 

Better Technology Creates Better Outcomes

Technology alone isn’t enough to create the best hair restoration results. After all, equipment can’t compensate for a lack of experience or skill. But in the hands of an expert hair restoration team, leading-edge technology can create amazing hair transformations. 

At every step of your hair restoration process – from consultation through recovery – you’ll benefit from innovative tech, paired with industry-leading skills and experience to ensure the best results. 

Balance Hair Restoration has the team, the technology, and the experience. Schedule a consultation to learn how we can transform your hairline. Contact us to start your hair restoration journey. 

Ann Arbor, MI

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