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Why Should I Consider the Hidden Donor Technique?

FUE hair restoration techniques require shaving the whole head. But if you’re looking to keep your hair restoration journey discreetly to yourself, shaving your head is often a telltale sign. Often, this causes many men and women to avoid seeking hair restoration. However, with the hidden donor technique, there is an option that allows you to keep your hair length and restore your hairline.

With some help from our experts at Balance Hair Restoration, no one needs to know you’ve had hair restoration. Schedule your consultation to determine whether the hidden donor technique is the best hair restoration solution for you.

FUE Hair Transplant

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is one of the most advanced hair restoration options available and is the reason we can create natural-looking and artistic hairline designs. During an FUE procedure, our team trims the donor area of the scalp, typically located at the back or sides of the head, to prepare it for harvest hundreds of individual follicles.

Currently, FUE is the most common method used for hair transplantation because:

FUE hair transplant offers many benefits, but one limitation of this process is that the hair must be shaved very short, and the donor area is often quite noticeable as it heals. Many patients considering FUE hair restoration are discouraged by this aspect. However, now these patients may experience the benefits of FUE hair transplant using the hidden donor technique.

What Is the Hidden Donor Technique?

The hidden donor FUE technique minimizes the visibility of hair restoration. This technique requires patients to grow their hair out in the back for a few months to conceal the donor area during the healing process.

With the hidden donor technique, Dr. Malhotra harvests hair follicles from discreet, small, shaved strips from the back of the scalp where the hair has grown longer. After harvesting, the remaining longer hair serves to camouflage appearance of the donor sites.

While the hair on the back of the scalp will look slightly thinner until it grows back, the entire scalp doesn’t need to be shaved.

Why Consider the Hidden Donor Technique


While treating hair loss is nothing to be ashamed of, an unfortunate and outdated stigma of hair restoration remains. As such, many of our patients would prefer a discreet hair transplant procedure. For these patients, we recommend using the hidden donor technique.

Its benefits include:

Easier for Women

For women experiencing hair loss, the hidden donor technique offers them the benefits of FUE hair restoration without having to shave their heads. Without the need to shave their hair, women with longer hairstyles can more easily disguise the donor areas and enjoy the benefits of hair restoration without invasive procedures or significant scarring.

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