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Treatment Options for Early Signs of Balding

Nobody goes to bed with a full head of hair and wakes up in the morning bald. Like most consequences of aging, the process is slow. It happens over several months, years, and decades. And here’s a shocker—by the time balding becomes apparent, you’ve lost about 50% of your hair.

While it may be alarming and stressful to realize you are losing your hair, you don’t need to lose your cool, too! Many cutting-edge treatments exist to keep the hair you have and reverse your hair loss. Some of these solutions are so advanced that they were unthinkable a few decades ago.

Moreover, the sooner you notice hair loss and decide to do something about it, the happier you’ll be with the results. So, be proud of yourself for being proactive and for seeking more information on the subject.

Searching for Signs of Hair Loss

To get a jump on the early signs of hair loss, look in a mirror, and pull back the hair from your temples. Is there a V-pattern emerging on your scalp where the hairline was once a vertical line across? If the answer is yes, you’re experiencing the early effects of balding.

Next, angle a handheld mirror above your head. Does the crown show any scalp? If the answer is yes, your hair has progressed further with balding.

Finding Your Best Solution

Perhaps at this point, you’ve given up hope. You don’t want to have a section of your scalp surgically removed transplanted, leaving weeks of recovery and prominent scars. Don’t despair; schedule a consultation with double board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Pramit Malhotra. He will assess your hair loss and recommend the ideal approach to help you achieve your goals.

Though Dr. Malhotra has experience in several hair restoration methods, by far the most sought-after operation in our clinic is follicular unit extraction or FUE hair transplants. This approach to hair restoration focuses on transplanting small bunches of hair follicles for superior results. Why is FUE Dr. Malhotra’s preferred technique?

  • The FUE procedure harvests only a few hair follicles at a time from a donor site, usually from the back of the head.
  • This technique leaves tiny scars that are close to invisible.
  • The results allow you the freedom to wear your naturally growing hair in any length or style you prefer.
  • FUE patients experience minimal discomfort, shorter recovery, and little to no downtime.

Stop Hiding Your Hair Loss; Take Steps to Learn More

To get a head start early in the hair loss process, schedule a consultation with Dr. Malhotra today. Receive a personalized hair restoration plan from one of the top providers in the Ann Arbor and Jackson communities.

Learn about hair restoration in Michigan by contacting Balance Hair Restoration.

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