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Hair Loss in Men—Why am I Losing My Hair?

Hair loss has many potential causes, including normal aging, medical conditions, heredity, or significant stress. Permanent and temporary hair loss can affect only your scalp or your entire body. Most men will experience some form of hair loss before they hit their 50s, with some men experiencing hair loss in their late 20s.

With many potential reasons for your hair loss, the experts at Balance Hair Restoration can help you determine what’s causing your hair loss and recommend the best hair restoration solution for you.

What Causes Hair Loss

Everyone loses between 50 to 100 hairs daily. Hair shedding is when hair reaches the end of its natural lifespan. We lose hair to make room for new growth. However, hair loss occurs when we see more than 100 lost hairs a day and a slowdown in replacement growth.

Heredity—Family History

Male-pattern hair loss, or androgenetic alopecia, is the most common type of hair loss. It is typically caused by aging and heredity. It’s typically characterized by a receding hairline and significantly thinning hair on the top and sides of the head.

Hormonal Changes & Illnesses

In men, hormonal imbalance is often the cause of hair loss. Dihydrotestosterone, which derives from testosterone, can cause hair follicles to shrink and impact the scalp’s ability to maintain hair.

Hair loss caused by a severe illness is considered temporary. Often, patients experience new hair growth between three to six months after healing from their illnesses.

Medications & Treatments

Certain drugs can have hair loss as a side effect. Often these include treatments for:

Following radiation, chemotherapy, or similar treatments, your hair may not grow back the same as it prior to your treatment.

Stressful Event

After experiencing a severe emotional or physical shock, many people experience temporary hair loss or thinning for several months. Extreme grief or a stressful situation like divorce can trigger this type of hair loss.

Hairstyles & Treatments

Traction alopecia is caused by hairstyles that pull the hair too tightly, like tight ponytails or braids. Treatments that involve hot oil or harsh chemicals can also cause hair to fall out.

Men’s Hair Loss Treatments

It’s important to keep an eye on excessive hair shedding to determine when it’s become hair loss and time to reach out for treatment. The earlier you begin treatment for hair loss, the better chance you have for a successful outcome.

Topical Treatments

Over-the-counter hair loss treatments, like minoxidil, aim to prevent hair loss and improve hair density. However, it may take several months before you can determine whether it’s working.

Medical Treatments

There are plenty of medical treatments to help slow your hair loss. These less-invasive techniques are often effective when you start them early in your hair loss.

Hair Transplant

A hair transplant is often the solution when your hair loss becomes a significant problem. Follicular unit extraction (FUE) is an effective hair rejuvenation technique to restore your hair and your confidence. Hair follicles are typically harvested from the back and sides of your scalp, then they are implanted into the areas of your scalp where fullness is desired.

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